PNS Online Payment are the sole provider to payment gateway services. PNS Online Payment able to easily process your payment by credit card, debit card, ewallet and FPX payment.

PNS Online Payment are the middleman between the process that will request for payment from the tenants/training participants, customers that applied business loan with PNS and soon will credit the amount into PNS bank account.

Registration process is quick and easy. Simply click "Register" button on the main portal and start by fill in the details.

Loan Payment

The repayment needs to be done 30 days of every month in order for the transaction to be updated into the latest statement of the current month. Transaction past due will be updated in the statement of the following month.

The balance of the loan statement will be email by the respective officer in charge and it will take about 3 to 5 business days.

Rental Payment

Kindly contact Property Division at +603-2082 7788 for any enquiries.

For office space facilities rental payment, you can make the payment directly on PNS Online Payment webpage. The total amount payment will be based on the designated price rate.

Training Payment

When the registration has been successful, you will receive a confirmation email within the next 24 hours. If by chance you still haven't receive any confirmation email, kindly contact the respective officer in charge at +603-2082 7788 for any enquiries.

The payment can be made online via PNS Online Payment or by cash, credit card, cheque and online transfer. Participants need to upload the payment receipt via PNS Online Payment to show and clarified that the payment of the training session has been made.